New intumescent coating Magma Firesheen 101 has been successfully tested

Magma’s new intumescent coating Magma Firesheen 101 has been successfully tested on a wide range of wood based sheet materials like plywood, MDF, particle board, OSB and LDF. The main advantages of this new coating are of course the fire retardant effectiveness (Euro class B-s1, d0) but also the potential for processing. Due to the low viscosity of this product, it can be easily applied by industrial coating application without any dilution. Most intumescent coatings have a very high viscosity and diluting such coatings with water will reduce the fire protective effectiveness. In addition, it is much more difficult to assess whether the correct amount of paint has been applied to meet the desired fire classification.

Magma Firesheen 101 is a white, water based intumescent coating that can be finished with selected water-based topcoats for when a coloured finish is desired.

In addition to the requirements of fire retardant properties as stated in the European standard for building materials EN 13501-1, some indicative firetests showed that Magma Firesheen 101 has also good fire resistant properties. This means that the product can be deployed to the fire resistance of constructive materials.


magma firesheen 101 fire retardant


EN 16755

The technical standard TS 16755 has been accepted by a majority of the EU member states and therefore this technical standard will get another standard status.

EN 16755 – Durability of reaction to fire performance – Classes of fire-retardant treated wood products in interior and exterior end use applications. The main aim with this new EU standard is to increase trust, reliability and reputation of Fire Retardant Treated (FRT) wood and wood products in general.


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Work in progress: Dubai Safari

The 119-hectare Dubai Safai Park is tentatively due to open in late 2017 in Al Warqa 5. It will replace Dubai Zoo and will be built as green as possible to offer animals a better quality of life. The local Cape Reed Team is hard at work constructing and completing the eco-friendly and sustainable structures, breaking records as they go along. Dubai Safari Park is their biggest commercial project up to date, and this site is not only host to the largest roof area they have ever created, it is also home to the roof that required the most bundles of thatch in their history .


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Project: Dubai Safari Park/ Materials: Thatched roofs & Construction timber/ Product: magma Firestop SG-2H

Dubai Civil Defence Approval

Magma is glad to announce that our distributor Cape Reed LLC has obtained the Dubai Civil Defence approval for our product Cape Reed FireShield. For this approval the product has been tested Exova Warrington UK and approved by local authorities in the UAE. Cape Reed FireShield is a fire retardant coating for treatment of timber and Thatched roof properties.


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Work in progress: Bicylce parking Utrecht NL

The city of Utrecht is building a new railway station area and is due to get the world’s largest bicycle parking which will be able to house 12,500 bicycles. The first part of this parking has been finalized and in 2018 the entire parking facility will be completed. All walls in this parking are made of Magma Firestop treated timber under the Non Ignis brand.

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