Product development

  • Advanced R&D facility
  • State of the art laboratories


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Magma’s advanced R&D facilities at the laboratories of the parent company, AD International, are dedicated to the development of high performance products.


Magma is able to provide unique solutions for anywhere in the world. Combined this with over 25 years of experience in the fire retardant industry, Magma is able to produce consistently and deliver high quality products to our customers. This flexibility allows us to supply and service the most comprehensive line of fireproofing materials.

About Magma

Magma Industries has been providing quality fire retardant fluids, coatings, industrial additives and supplementary products with added value for well over 25 years.

Company philosophy

Magma Industries’ products and services are designed to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Quality principles

The management of AD gives priority to an effective policy on Safety, Health, Environment and Quality with the principles. We see our ISO 14001 certification as a proof of this dedication.

AD International

Magma Industries is a subsidiary of AD International, a specialist manufacturer and provider of surface treatment solutions and toll manufacturer.