New intumescent coating Magma Firesheen 101 has been successfully tested

Magma’s new intumescent coating Magma Firesheen 101 has been successfully tested on a wide range of wood based sheet materials like plywood, MDF, particle board, OSB and LDF. The main advantages of this new coating are of course the fire retardant effectiveness (Euro class B-s1, d0) but also the potential for processing. Due to the low viscosity of this product, it can be easily applied by industrial coating application without any dilution. Most intumescent coatings have a very high viscosity and diluting such coatings with water will reduce the fire protective effectiveness. In addition, it is much more difficult to assess whether the correct amount of paint has been applied to meet the desired fire classification.

Magma Firesheen 101 is a white, water based intumescent coating that can be finished with selected water-based topcoats for when a coloured finish is desired.

In addition to the requirements of fire retardant properties as stated in the European standard for building materials EN 13501-1, some indicative firetests showed that Magma Firesheen 101 has also good fire resistant properties. This means that the product can be deployed to the fire resistance of constructive materials.


magma firesheen 101 fire retardant