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Through the continuous development of new products and application techniques, Magma is involved in special projects. This results often in a tailor made solution and application by our specialized applicators.

Examples include fire retardant solutions for agricultural areas, Theme parks, bushfire areas, special effects in movie studios, consumer products, major events etc.

Fire retardant vacuum-pressure treatments

Magma Industries is also able to offer the fire retardant vacuum-pressure treatments for timber and board materials. At our production site at Waterschoot Casteren, we treat timber and plywood with our product Magma Firestop SBP-1 to meet Euro-class B-s2, d0 ratings according EN 13501-1..

The Magma Firestop treatment is a vacuum-pressure treatment process. Timber materials, whether solid wood or plywood, obtain the best possible fire ratings. The treatment process at this timber treatment plant is KOMO certified which means a third-party continuous production monitoring on quality.

For exterior applications, this fire retardant treated wood needs to be coated with a weather protective coating like our InnoShield product. The combination of the fire retardant treatment and InnoShield coating application has been tested and complies with the same fire class (B-s2, d0/EN 13501-1) as uncoated material. This completed exterior type of material complies with the new European standard EN 16755- Durability of reaction-to-fire performance – Classes of fire retardant treated wood products in interior and exterior end-use applications.

Magma application team

Our application team has been involved in fire retardant treatments of agricultural areas, theme parks, bushfire areas, special effects in movie studios, consumer products, major events etc.

Markets we serve

The scope of the Magma Industries product portfolio has been shaped by more than 25 years of experience in creating innovative fire retardant solutions. Magma has evolved and innovated across critical industries, gaining strength and understanding through diversity.


Throughout the years, the Magma’s brands have grown to include a wide variety of quality products that all meet the high fire safety standards customers come to expect from Magma around the globe.

Reference projects

Satisfied customers are the best reference. View reference projects were fire retardancy is provided for by Magma products.

Toll manufacturing

Magma industries and its holding company AD International provide services including toll manufacturing and custom chemical blending of our customer’s products.