• Fire retardants for a wide variety of materials
  • Semi durable and multi wash durable finishes


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Magma Firestop fabric products are water based solutions for treatments of fabrics made of natural fibres, blends of natural & synthetic fibers and 100% synthetic fibers. It is intended for in-situ treatment of exhibition materials, curtains, carpets and soft upholstery materials. Fabrics treated with Magma Firestop are resistant to dry cleaning. After washing however the fire retardant quality will decrease and a re-treatment is necessary. Fire retardant treated carpets should be cleaned and re-treated on a regular basis.

In addition to these spray products Magma supplies also additives for industrial applications and in combination with cross linkers and binders these products are capable of producing semi durable and multi wash durable finishes.

Our InnoChem hydrophobic and oleophobic impregnants are suitable to give fabrics water & oil repellant properties and are compatible with our fire retardant products. By finishing the fire retardant treated fabrics with the InnoChem product, there will be a longer period of time between the service intervals.

Markets we serve

The scope of the Magma Industries product portfolio has been shaped by more than 25 years of experience in creating innovative fire retardant solutions. Magma has evolved and innovated across critical industries, gaining strength and understanding through diversity.


Throughout the years, the Magma’s brands have grown to include a wide variety of quality products that all meet the high fire safety standards customers come to expect from Magma around the globe.

Project references

Satisfied customers are the best reference. View reference projects were fire retardancy is provided for by Magma products.

Toll manufacturing

Magma industries and its holding company AD International provide services including toll manufacturing and custom chemical blending of our customer’s products.