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Thatch, the covering of a roof with plant stems, is one of the most ancient of roof coverings, and to many, the most characteristic of all vernacular materials. Thatch is an organic material, and therefore truly sustainable. The beauty of a Thatched roof is unsurpassed however Thatched buildings are more vulnerable to fire risk than those covered with other roofing materials. This fire risk can be limited by the application of Magma Firestop® Thatchprotector SG-2H.

Well treated Thatched roofs made of water reed do comply with relevant fire standards like Broof according the European standard EN 13501-5 and Cape Reed treated with this product has a Dubai Civil Defense approval.

A Magma Firestop treatment protects Thatched roof properties from fire risks in the form of sparks, flying embers, bonfires, barbeques etc.. There are external and internal sprays for thatch depending on client requirements.

The Magma concept of protecting thatched roofs has proven itself over many years in all parts of the world. Magma only works with specially trained operators to apply the products, to ensure the quality of the application.

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The scope of the Magma Industries product portfolio has been shaped by more than 25 years of experience in creating innovative fire retardant solutions. Magma has evolved and innovated across critical industries, gaining strength and understanding through diversity.


Throughout the years, the Magma’s brands have grown to include a wide variety of quality products that all meet the high fire safety standards customers come to expect from Magma around the globe.

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Magma industries and its holding company AD International provide services including toll manufacturing and custom chemical blending of our customer’s products.