• Fire retardants for usage during manufacturing process and onsite usage
  • Flame retardant solutions for a wide range of materials


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Most materials will start to burn at a certain temperature but some are more combustible than others. After a professional treatment with Fire Retardant products, it is possible to get combustible materials like wood, fabrics and plastics classified as “difficult to ignite” or “non combustible”. Materials can be treated by fire retardant coatings or impregnation liquids but alternatively fire retardant chemicals can be added during the manufacturing process of materials like plastics, board, paper etc., as a chemical modification.

Used in combination with smoke detectors, fire alarms and sprinkler systems, flame retardant treated materials provide the most effective passive fire protection method available to protect life and property.

Modern fire retardant systems do not release additional toxic or corrosive gasses during a fire like the fire retardant systems based  on Bromine and Chloride (halogens). These products have a good fire retardant reaction but unfortunately the products pose risks for human health and the environment.

Magma fire retardants do not contain toxic chemicals; it’s safe for users and environment.

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